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Hiking, Eating And Shopping: 5 Places In Malaysia To Enjoy The Cool Weather

Cameron Highlands offers a low temperature of 17 to 22 degree Celsius.


With global temperatures rising to a record-breaking number this year, many might want to avoid the heat by travelling to places to enjoy a cooler climate. It was reported that many had flocked to Penang Hill in May this year to escape the heat and get a change of weather and scenery.  

Malaysia’s position of being near the equator line means that it has a consistent climate with a  temperature ranging from 21 degree Celsius to 32 degree Celsius. Although the climate in Malaysia is not extreme, there are areas where the climate can differ from others due to geographical reasons. 

According to the Malaysian Meteorological Department, most places on the east side of mountains experience lower temperatures than those on the west side. In addition, the months of April and May record the highest temperatures while December and January have a cooler climate. 

Here are five places in Malaysia where you can go to enjoy a cooler climate. 

#1 Cameron Highlands – Around 17 To 22 Degree Celsius 

Cameron Highlands is famous among the locals and foreigners for the vast swaths of green hills covered with tea plantations. The tourist spot is situated around three hours from Kuala Lumpur city centre by car ride in Tanah Rata, Pahang. Do note that the roads leading up to Cameron Highlands can be a bit narrow so extra caution must be exercised especially during rainy season. 

The highlands here have an elevation of 1,300 to 1,800 metres surrounded by nature and forests and a cooler weather. The beauty of Cameron Highlands is often captured by Instagram enthusiasts and even local filmmakers such as the crew behind the award-winning Malaysian movie, ‘The Garden of Evening Mists’. 

Activities that one can do on Cameron Highlands are more laidback such as visiting tea and flower farms, having an outdoor picnic with tea and shopping for tea and fresh produce such as strawberries, crystal corn and vegetables. 

There are plenty of stunning resorts and budget-friendly hostels in Cameron Highlands. A check on Expedia shows that the Hotel Rosa Pasadena , which has a 7.6 rating offers rooms at RM136 including breakfast.      

One of the notable highlights on Cameron Highlands is the Cameron Flora Park that has multiple flower parks, a Hobbiton Village and activities to do such as afternoon tea and even wedding photoshoots. Entrance tickets to the park cost around RM10 for children and RM50 per adult. The scrumptious afternoon tea package which includes two entrance tickets would set you back by RM388.  

#2 Fraser’s Hill – Around 18 To 23 Degree Celsius  

Fraser’s Hill is situated on the Titiwangsa range in Raub, Pahang with a height of 1,500 metres above sea level. It takes more than two hours to drive to Fraser’s Hill from Kuala Lumpur. 

Some of the popular things to do in Fraser’s Hill are visiting flower gardens, jungle walking, playing a game of golf at Fraser’s Hill Golf Course , boating and bird watching.  

There are eateries on Fraser’s Hill including the SmokeHouse Fraser Hill that would cost RM50 to RM100 per person. You can stay at the Habitat Fraser’s Hill that has a 7.7 rating on for a price of RM250 per night. 

There are several hiking trails on Fraser’s Hill including for beginners such as the Hemmant Trail that can be completed in roughly under an hour. The Pine Tree Trail is definitely more challenging and can take several hours meanwhile the Bishop Trail is of moderate difficulty. 

#3 Genting Highlands – Around 18 To 24 Degree Celsius 

One of the most popular destinations in the country, Genting Highlands is an integrated hotel and entertainment venue where you can shop, dine, enjoy nature, watch concerts, play at theme parks and visit the casino. 

Genting Highlands makes for a convenient getaway due to it being only roughly an hour from Kuala Lumpur by car. There are plenty of bus services to take visitors to the mid hill where they can then board a cable car to reach the peak.  

Standing at 1,265 metres above sea level, Genting Highlands offers endless activities to visitors. The outdoor theme park SkyWorlds offers thrilling state-of-the-art rides including a hang glider, roller-coaster and jumping tower. There are a few shopping havens including the  Genting Premium Outlet in mid hill and the new Sky Avenue Complex where you will find household brands such as Uniqlo, Bonia and H&M. 

From fine dining at the Wolfgang Steakhouse from New York to warm meals at the Chicken Claypot House and Korean barbeque restaurant Palsaik, there are plenty of food options.      

There are seven hotels and resort on Genting Highlands including First World Hotel – the largest hotel in the world. A Standard Room costs about RM110 a night.  

#4 Bukit Tinggi – Around 18 To 24 Degree Celsius 

Bukit Tinggi is located very near to Kuala Lumpur requiring only under an hour’s drive. The tourist spot in Bentong, Pahang is popular for the French-themed  Colmar Tropicale hotel. The building sports a few colours and have sharp pointy roofs that resemble castles in fairy tales. 

Colmar Tropicale is operated by established Berjaya Group and offers various activities such as zip-lining amid the rainforests, experiencing kimono-wearing in a Japanese garden and walks in a botanical garden. 

You can also spend the night in Colmar Tropicale for the normal prices of RM400 to RM750. Alternatively, there’s the luxurious Chateau spa and wellness resort with facilities like La Sante Spa. The Deluxe Rooms in the resort cost about RM500 per night. 

There are plenty of restaurants in Colmar Tropicale from La Boulangerie Café to Japanese restaurant Ryo Zan Tei and Le Blason for local and international cuisines. 

#5 Penang Hill – Around 26 To 31 Degree Celsius 

Penang Hill is the highest peak in the island state at 700 metres above sea level. Penang Hill is only 21 minutes from Georgetown city.  

You can get to the Penang Hill Funicular Railway Station and take a short uphill ride to the peak. The funicular tickets are sold for RM6 to RM12 for locals. Meanwhile, foreign tourists are to pay RM15 to RM30 for a two-way ticket. Entrance to Penang Hill is free to visitors but you may have to fork out extra for admission to certain attractions. 

Visitors can walk around Penang Hill that is surrounded by thick rainforests where birds, flying lemurs, civets, wild boars, monkeys have been spotted. You can also enter the Habitat Park where it’s the gateway to the UNESCO Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve where structures are built to let you enjoy the wonders of nature more effectively and you can learn about nature.  

The Habitat charges one RM60 for a standard ticket. Visitors can also enjoy a glimpse of the past with well-preserved architectures such as the Convalescent Bungalow, Old Lower Station, and postbox.       

There are eateries here such as the  Cliff Café that serves the local fare and quick bites at Kommune Eco-Deli and A&W. The Bellevue Hotel is the single accommodation provider on Penang Hill with only 12 rooms in a bungalow-style resort. A night here would be priced from RM320 to RM470. 

Featured Image Credit: Penang Hill, Cameron Flora Park and Colmar Tropicale 


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