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GSC, TGV, MBO And Dadi: Price Guide To Buying Movie Tickets In Malaysia

Catch blockbusters like The Marvels in cinemas now.


A research conducted in year 2020 by Cinema Online, a portal on all thing movies, found that  more than half of Malaysians surveyed had plans to visit the cinemas one month after reopening when the Conditional Movement Control Order implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic was lifted. 

Watching movies on the big screens like those in the cinemas can be quite a popular activity in Malaysia, so much so there are more than 100 movie theatres in the country. In Malaysia, cinemas are usually located within shopping malls but there are also standalone cinemas in smaller towns. 

With blockbusters like ‘The Marvels’ that features popular Korean pop star Park Seo Joon and the much anticipated ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour’ movie, many might be heading to the nearest cinemas in their neighbourhood to catch a glimpse of Hollywood excitement. Nearer to us, there will also be local fares such as comedy ‘La Luna’ and Thai horror movie, ‘Khong-Kaek: The Djinn’s Curse’. 

Here are four major cinemas in Malaysia and their pricings. 

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) 

If you didn’t know, GSC is part of the Kuok Group (led by the richest billionaire in Malaysia, Robert Kuok). Operating 509 screens across 55 locations, GSC is always raising the standards of movie watching in Malaysia. 

A check on several GSC movie ticket prices at a 2D hall shows that they could generally cost you around RM14 to RM23. Depending on the timing of the movie, the ticket may be more expensive and cheaper. Showings at earlier of the days cost lesser while showings at prime times such as 10 PM on weekends may cost more. 

The prices may also vary according to the different types of movies and demand for the movie. A comparison between a local movie and a Hollywood blockbuster movie shows a price difference of RM6 with the former costing RM15 and the latter costing RM21. 

With GSC, you can also choose to have different movie viewing experiences as below: 

  • Getha Lux Suite – features two-seater luxury recliners with premium mattress brand Getha 
  • Comfort Cabin – features privacy panels and recliners for comfort 
  • Escape Studio – choose your preferred seats from a LA-Z Boy rocker recliner to four-seater sofas against a fun design backdrop     
  • IMAX – enjoy clear visuals with 50% more brightness and greater contrast as well as crisp sound quality with pinpoint accuracy 
  • 4DX – features movable chairs and simulated environments so you can feel every scene 
  • D-BOX – features motion chairs that imitate scenes in the movie whether it’s a car chase or floating in the sea 
  • MX4D – features motion chairs and sensations such as water blast, leg ticklers, fog, scent and seat popper 
  • Sensory-friendly screening – features lower volumes, calming dim lighting, limited number of guests and omission of ads 
  • SkyBox – watch a movie at a higher vantage point 
  • Onyx – enjoy quality HD visuals and audio by Samsung Electronics and JBL 
  • ScreenX – surrounded by multiple projections for a 270-degree movie watching experience 
  • Dolby Atmos – features up to 64 speakers 
  • GSC Play – features in-hall playground, play area and adjoining lounges 
  • GSC BIG – features screens with widths of more than 20 metres and heights of 10.8 metres 
  • Premiere – features twin seats, lounge area and in-hall dining 
  • Private Screen – book an entire hall to yourself with a standalone bar to entertain guests 

Some experiences may be available only at certain outlets. Aside from the GSC Cinemas, there’s also the Aurum Theatre, a more luxurious experience that features Getha recliners and private halls as mentioned above. 

Not only selling movie watching staples like popcorn and chips, some GSC outlets are equipped with JIN Gastrobar that offers more formal kind of dining. Otherwise, there are also café-style eateries such as the Happy Food Co Café. 

The ticket prices for special experiences at premium halls can run up to hundreds. A check on the GSC website shows that ticket prices for the Comfort Cabin experience is RM150 each. 

The cinema membership programme, GSC Rewards, is free to join and lets you earn coins with ticket purchases to redeem tickets or food vouchers. You can get five GSCoins with every RM1 spent. 

Tanjong Golden Village (TGV) Cinemas 

TGV Cinemas is one of the oldest cinemas in Malaysia since its inception in 1995. There are 39 TGV cinemas and 311 screens scattered throughout the country.  

The pricing of tickets at a normal hall varies depending on the timing of the movies and the type of movie. A movie shown at 10.15 AM costs RM11 while the same movie shown at 10.30 PM on the weekend costs RM19. 

Cinema goers can also enjoy premium experiences at TGV Cinemas such as: 

  • INDULGE – features lounge area, recliners, in-hall dining with call buttons and comforter 
  • IMAX – features 4K laser projection and 12-channel sound technology 
  • Dolby Atmos – features the Dolby Atmos audio systems 
  • Flexound – enjoy built-in speakers and improved sound effects 
  • Onyx – features motor recliners, LED screen and surround sound by JBL 
  • Prestige – bigger is better with wider leg room and recliner seats 
  • Infinity – enjoy Infinity Dolby Atmos audio system and 4K laser visual 
  • Family Sessions – feature softer volume, brighter lights, diaper stations and children are able to roam around 
  • Junior – features in-hall play room, kids toilet, diaper stations and family-oriented seats 
  • Plushy – features wider leg space and seats that are comfortable 
  • Beanie – features beanbag two-seaters 

A check on the TGV website shows that a movie ticket in a special hall such as INDULGE costs RM85 per seat while a Beanie twin seat costs RM52 in total. TGV Cinemas also offer private hall bookings for those who want to throw birthday parties or corporate events. 

You can be a TGV Movie Club member by joining via the app for free and be privy to various offers including birthday offers, RM2 off movies on Wednesdays and discounts on food and beverages. You can also earn MovieMoney when you spend and redeem movie tickets and refreshments. Every RM1 spent entitles you five MovieMoney.  

MBO Cinemas  

There are currently ten MBO Cinemas in Malaysia. MBO Cinemas serves visitors at shopping malls throughout the country such as Taiping Sentral Mall, Space U8, U Mall Skudai, Brem Mall, ElementX Mall and a standalone theatre in Teluk Intan, Perak. 

The pricing of movie tickets at MBO Cinemas differs according to the type of movies shown. A check at the MBO Cinemas website shows that a standard ticket for the same movie costs RM20 whether it opens during the morning or afternoon. Meanwhile, some movies like Leo cost RM20 and others such as The Exorcist: Believer cost RM16. 

Moviegoers can enjoy premium experiences at MBO Cinemas: 

  • Big Screen – enjoy Dolby Atmos sound system and laser RGB visual courtesy of partnership with BARCO 
  • Premier – features recliners and side tables for comfortable in-hall dining 
  • Kecil – ‘kecil’ means small; enjoy fun beanbag seats and designs in this hall 
  • Onyx – features Samsung Onyx LED Theatre and JBL Surround Sound 

A movie ticket at the Onyx Hall costs RM20 while tickets at the Kecil hall can cost up to RM65 for a family bed.    

You can register for free to be a member of MBO Allstar and receive a welcome reward of 50 Star Points which you can use to redeem movie tickets and merchandise. Every RM1 spent gives you one Star Point. 

Dadi Cinema 

Dadi Cinema Group owns the second largest cinema chain in China with a presence in 191 locations. Dadi Cinema is relatively new to the movie watching scene in Malaysia in year 2021. 

Currently, there are two Dadi Cinema outlets in the Klang Valley region which are located within the luxury Pavilion Kuala Lumpur Mall in Kuala Lumpur and Da Men Mall in Subang Jaya.   

A check on a standard movie ticket price at Dadi Cinema shows that it costs RM20. 

Families can peruse the Lil STAR hall in Dadi Cinema which is outfitted with a in-hall play area, softer volume and brighter lights. 

Moviegoers can also dine at the luxurious Café De La Croisette before watching their movies.  

Featured Image Credit: GSC 


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