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Guide To Buying Tickets To A Concert At Bukit Jalil National Stadium In Malaysia

Bukit Jalil National Stadium is a popular venue for concerts in Malaysia including the upcoming Ed Sheeran’s concert.


As the Covid-19 pandemic subsided in 2021, live events were making a comeback including concerts. The Malaysian concert scene has witnessed the return of various international and local artists such as Korean pop group Blackpink and Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou.  

An upcoming concert in Malaysia would be featuring none other than popular singer Ed Sheeran. He will be making a stop in Kuala Lumpur’s Bukit Jalil National Stadium on February 24, 2024 as he goes on the Mathematics Tour. 

You can now buy tickets to watch Ed Sheeran’s concert at GoLive Asia’s platform, which are available online only. The concert will also feature special guest Calum Scott, who is known for hits like ‘You Are The Reason’ and ‘Whistle’. Both singers are known for their talent at writing songs and playing instruments. 

The Bukit Jalil National Stadium is a popular venue for concerts and major events alike as it is one of the biggest stadiums in the country with a total area of 76,000 square metres. The outdoor stadium has a bowl shape featuring three tiers of seats, so all eyes are on the centre stage.  

Location Of Bukit Jalil National Stadium    

The National Stadium is situated in the town of Bukit Jalil where it’s famous for having one of the biggest sports complexes in the country. It is located roughly around an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur City Centre.  

The Bukit Jalil National Stadium is connected to other major neighbourhoods, cities and towns through highways such as the Maju Expressway (MEX) and New Pantai Expressway. For the convenience of visitors, you can take the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) and Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) public train and stop at either Bukit Jalil station, which is roughly 18 minutes’ walk away or Serdang Raya Utara station which is further away.  

Alternatively, you can board public buses with the nearest stop being Stadium Bukit Jalil, a five-minute walk away.  

Seat System And Pricing  

The Bukit Jalil National Stadium was launched in 1998 for the opening of the XVI Commonwealth Games. The elliptical stadium surrounds a 108 metres x 65 metres field fitted with royal boxes and corporate suites. 

Concertgoers enter the stadium through the Main Concourse. For the Ed Sheeran concert, there are a total of nine categories with Category One being the most expensive at RM1,388 and Category Nine being the cheapest at RM198. 

  • Category One: RM1,388 
  • Category Two: RM888 
  • Category Three: RM788 
  • Category Four: RM598 
  • Category Five: RM498 
  • Category Six: RM398  
  • Category Seven: RM298 
  • Category Eight: RM258 
  • Category Nine: RM198 

Getting The Best Views Of The Stage 


As you see on the seating map, Category One tickets give you an up-close look of the performer, being the nearest to the stage. With a difference of RM500, Category Two seats are also situated on the field close behind the Category One area. There are very limited seats for this Category which lets you have a closer look at your idol at a lower price. Picking first-row seats may get you physically closest to the stage but if the stage is built higher up, it might mean craning your neck to see what’s happening on the stage.  

The rest of the categories will have some distance between them and the stage. However, with the right elevation and angles, you might still be able to have a good look at the performer. Category Three seats provide good viewing at RM788 as they are positioned directly facing the stage and are nearest to the stage aside from the first two categories. 

Do also be careful of choosing seats that would not be obstructed by technical equipment so perhaps seats with greater heights are a good option. 

The following category with the shortest distance would be Category Four seatings that are situated on the sides of the stage with a price difference of RM190, at RM598. To get a better view, you could choose seats that are higher up.  

At a further distance, Category Five provides direct angle views of the stage at affordable price RM498 while Category Six offers side views at RM398. If you want to save a buck and don’t mind the distance, Categories Seven, Eight and Nine offer the cheapest tickets at RM298, RM258 and RM198. If you’re taking a seat on the end of one side, it’s possible that you will not be able to see what’s happening on the other side. 

The stadium, which seats a sizable audience of 85,500, is massive so picking a right seat is important for your viewing pleasure. 

Hearing Well Is Just As Important At A Concert 

Aside from seeing the performers in action, it’s also important to get good sound quality for a concert. Similar to the visuals, getting a seat close to the stage delivers all the music happening on stage clearer.  

As the stadium is designed in a bowl shape, audiences will likely get a good peripheral surround sound. It is also believed that a seat facing the band would provide good sounds and being in the center, not too close and too far may allow you to enjoy a reverberation of the sounds. 

Other Facilities At The Bukit Jalil National Stadium 

Concertgoers who are differently abled and their caretakers have designated seats at several sections of the concert namely Section 103, 104, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115 and 116. The seats have the least obstruction for easy access.  

The stadium is also fitted with facilities such as Wi-Fi and fixed Internet connectivity, parking bay, toilet, smoking area, prayer’s room, playground and open spaces. 

Featured Image Credit: Perbadanan Stadium Malaysia 


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