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Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, And Disney Hotstar – Which Streaming Services In Malaysia To Choose?

Disney Hotstar is the latest to hit Malaysian shores.


When Netflix first arrived in 2016, Malaysians were just warming up to the idea of streaming TV content. Watching ad-less content through an app was quite new to many of us back in those days and many of us have not heard of Netflix. But It didn’t take long for Malaysians to get acquainted with the giant streaming service as pop cultures and media all over the world constantly reference Netflix content – and no one likes to feel left out.  

Now, other streaming services are making their way to Malaysian shores. These include HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+ and Disney Hotstar. But which should you choose if you don’t want to subscribe to all of the above? In this article, we explore how the different streaming services in Malaysia differ from one another and which is worth your money. 

Netflix – RM 17 to RM 55 a month

Netflix is the platform that set the framework for how present day successful streaming services operate. Netflix allows viewers to watch content without the interruption of ads, dishes out new content constantly, produces its own original content, and releases TV series episodes simultaneously in one go, satisfying the immediate gratification of modern day viewers.  

As part of its debut promotion, viewers even get to try out the streaming service for free during the first three months after which they can choose to subscribe officially for an affordable price. After a few big hits like House of Cards, Stranger Things, The Witcher, and Squid Game, riding on the K-wave, Netflix became a household name. 

Now, you can subscribe to a range of Netflix Mobile, Basic, Standard and Premium plans at RM17, RM28, RM45 and RM55. The tiered subscription differs in resolution, width of device support, option to add people to your account, and audio quality. 

But how does the price and services offered by Netflix compare to other streaming services in Malaysia?   

Streaming Service  Price (RM)  Concurrent Stream  Free Trial 
Netflix  17 to 55/ month  1 to 4 devices  Nil 
HBO Go  34.90 to 69.90 /month  3 devices  Nil 
Amazon Prime Video  25/month  3 devices  7 days  
Apple TV+  29.90/ month 


1 to 6 devices  7 days 
Disney Hotstar  RM54.90/3 months  2 devices  Nil 

HBO Go – RM34.90 a month

HBO Go was previously available as part of a package deal to subscribers of satellite television service provider Astro, when it was launched in Malaysia in 2019. However, from 2020 onwards, we can now subscribe to HBO Go on its own.  

HBO should be no stranger to us. You can usually peruse HBO content on Astro and the brand was known for producing successful long-running TV shows like Law and Order. It is also owned by Warner Brothers, the film company credited for producing the popular Harry Potter and DC superhero films, so you can expect these to be on HBO Go as well. Other than that, HBO Go also has its own original series such as Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Succession, and more that are often lauded for its creative quality. 

For those who want to peruse such content, you can subscribe to HBO Go for a price of RM34.90 per month or RM69.90 for three months at a go, which saves you RM11.60 a month. 

Amazon Prime Video – RM25 a month 

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms out there and had branched out into the TV subscription business quite a while back. Amazon users subscribe to Amazon Prime for perks like free delivery, discounts and even access to entertainment programmes with Prime Video.   

There’s also the option to subscribe to only Prime Video as a standalone service. Amazon Prime Video made its debut in Malaysia in 2019 and has worked with big names in the entertainment industry to up its content game. It has recently produced the movie Air about the popular Nike sneakers and created TV series like Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, The Summer I Turned Pretty, and more.  

Apple TV+ – RM29.90 a month

Apple TV+ was also launched in Malaysia in 2019 and at times comes as a complimentary added-value service when you sign up for a package such as the Apple Music Student Plan or purchase a device from Apple and other brands like Sony PlayStation. Do note however that you don’t necessarily need an Apple device to subscribe to the streaming service. 

On the platform, you can watch popular series like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, The Crowded Room, Hijack, and more. The Apple TV+ is the only platform that exclusively features original content with no other movie or show selections. Subscription fees for Apple TV+ is RM 29.90 per month after free trial.  

Disney Hotstar – RM54.90 for three months

Backed by film and TV giants like Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic, one can imagine the variety of content you’ll find on the Disney Hotstar platform.  

Feel the creative juices of filmmakers flowing out of Disney, Pixar, and animation studios around the world in movies like Turning Red, Encanto, Ejen Ali, and more. Those who can’t get enough of the Marvel universe can watch content on their superheroes on the platform.  

Having launched in Malaysia in 2021, you can subscribe to Disney Hotstar at RM54.90 for three months.   

Which Streaming Service Should You Get?

In general, HBO shows tend to carry a certain dark cinematic feel to them focusing on more serious topics like politics, family drama, and so forth. Netflix has a variety of entertaining content including reality TV shows, documentaries, and award-winning films many of which are not available outside of the platform. If you are looking for kids-focused or Marvel content, Disney Hotstar would be the choice for you.  

For those who go by the motto ‘the more, the better,’ Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have big collections of movies but do note that the library size may differ according to the plan you subscribe to. Meanwhile, HBO Go and Disney Hotstar feature iconic movies like Star Wars, the Marvel and Harry Potter franchises that would appeal to specific fans around the world. Apple TV+ only showcases original content that it produces but the service is introduced as a form of accompanying value to Apple users.  

By now, you probably have a rough idea of what each streaming service offers. If you want content that would appeal to all your family members, you can choose a streaming platform that offers more general content. Otherwise, other platforms offer more niche content that may suit more particular preferences.


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