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Guide To Converting A Malaysian Driving Licence In Singapore

You need to pass the Basic Theory Test.


Every country has its own unique driving laws and systems. For example, some countries operate on the right-hand side of the road, while others drive on the left. Because of these differences, individuals wishing to drive in a foreign country may need to meet specific requirements, such as having their existing driving license translated into the native language of the country they are visiting.

If you are a Malaysian residing in Singapore and intend to drive, you will need to convert your Malaysia Driving Licence to a Singapore Driving Licence. This process is essential to ensure that you comply with local regulations and are legally authorised to drive on Singapore roads.

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When Do You Need To Convert Your Malaysia Driving Licence?

In Singapore, to drive a motor vehicle on public roads, you must possess a valid Singapore Driving Licence. The need to convert a Malaysia Driving Licence to a Singapore one depends on several factors related to your residency and employment status in Singapore.

If you obtain Singaporean citizenship or permanent resident status, you are required to convert your Malaysia driving licence within three months. Additionally, if you have been living in Singapore for more than 12 months with a valid foreign driving licence, you must also undergo the conversion process to continue driving legally in Singapore.

Conversely, if you have resided in Singapore for less than 12 months, you are permitted to drive using a valid foreign driving licence. However, this exemption does not apply if your occupation involves driving; in such cases, you must convert your licence regardless of the duration of your stay. It is important to note that Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and work pass holders are not allowed to drive a foreign-registered vehicle in Singapore.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert To A Singapore Driving License?

To convert your existing Malaysia Driving Licence to a Singapore one, there are two main requirements: holding a foreign driver’s licence and passing the Traffic Police Basic Theory Test (BTT).

First, you need to enrol for a BTT course at a driving school. When you feel prepared, you can schedule the test either online or directly at the driving school. The cost and structure of the conversion packages vary across different driving schools. Generally, these packages include lessons and mock tests, which can be conducted fully online or through a combination of online and in-person lessons.

For instance, ComfortDelGro Driving Centre offers an online self-study package, which includes various learning supplements like motorcar training videos for a fee. However, certain prerequisites such as medical fitness must be met, and this specific package is available only to those holding an NRIC or a valid work pass, excluding Work Permit and S Pass holders.

Driving Schools  Packages  Price (S$) 
Bukit Batok Driving Centre   Enrolment Fee
2x Online Lessons 
Theory Practice 
Theory Evaluation 
Membership Renewal (monthly) 
ComfortDelGro Driving Centre Enrolment Fee
Traffic Police BTT
2x e-Trial Test Sessions
Administrative Fee
Account Maintenance Fee (6 months)
Singapore Safety Driving Centre  3x Theory Trial Tests
Traffic Police BTT
Account Maintenance
Administration Fee
Extra Theory Trial Test 

Steps To Complete After Passing The Basic Theory Test

Once you have successfully passed the Basic Theory Test (BTT), the next step is to apply for the conversion of your Malaysia Driving Licence to a Singapore Driving Licence. This process is managed by the Singapore Police Force, and you will need to submit a licence conversion form online.

You will also need to provide the following supporting documents:

  • Passport size photograph
  • Identification document
  • Supporting documents for driving licence
  • Supporting documents to show that you had lived at least one year and at least six months of physical residency in the country of issuance of driving licence

Processing Time

The processing time for the conversion of a foreign driving licence typically takes up to 14 days. After your online application has been processed, you are required to present the original copies of all relevant documents in person at the Traffic Police office. This step is crucial to verify your documentation and to complete your licence conversion application.

By following these guidelines and ensuring that all documents are accurate and submitted promptly, you can facilitate a smooth transition to holding a valid Singapore Driving Licence.

Can You Convert Your Licence Back To A Malaysia Driving Licence? 

Malaysians can only use a driving licence from one country at a time. Should you choose to convert your Malaysia Driving Licence to a Singapore Driving Licence, you will be blocked from using your Malaysia Driving Licence to drive.   

Malaysians with a foreign driving licence can convert it to a Malaysia Driving Licence and could even skip the test should they fulfill certain conditions.  

For instance, they will need to have a valid driving licence and not a probationary one. They will also need to hold a foreign driving licence issued by a country that is a part of common treaties such as the Agreement on the Recognition of Domestic Driving Licenses for Asean countries. Otherwise, they will have to retake the theory test.  

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