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How Much Does It Cost To Get A Car Driving Licence In Malaysia?

It could take at least around two to four months to get a driver’s licence.


Getting a driving licence might be seen as a passage right into adulthood for some. In Malaysia, when one reaches the full age of 17 years old, he or she is eligible to take a car driving test. It’s common for some to consider taking their driving test as soon as they graduate from secondary school. 

Driving licences are classified into different classes depending on the type of motor vehicle. For the car driving licence, it falls under Class D, which will also be reflected in the physical license card. Under the Class D category, drivers who qualify to only drive cars with automatic transmissions will hold the DA license instead. 

There are three parts to the driving test in Malaysia, which are: (1) the theoretical Computerised Traffic Law Test, (2) Hill Climbing and Parking Test and (3) Driving On The Road Test. Students will need to pass all tests to obtain a driving license.  

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Complete Theoretical Driving Test  

The first step to getting a car driving licence is to take the theoretical test. You will be quizzed on the local traffic laws, road signs, and the general dos and don’ts of driving. To prepare for the test, you will have to attend the compulsory Driver’s Education Curriculum Course (KPP01) at a driving school. The theoretical course typically takes six hours to complete. 

Upon completion of the theory lesson, you can apply to take the Computerised Traffic Law Test online on websites  provided by the eServices system provider listed here. The test needs to be completed within 45 minutes. There are a total of 50 questions and the minimum passing score is 84% or 42 out of 50 questions. 

However, even if you fail the test, don’t fret as you can retake the theoretical test again until you pass. It costs RM27 to take the first test or subsequent retest.  

Get The Learner Driving Licence 

Once you pass the Computerised Traffic Law Test, you can apply for the Learner Driving Licence (LDL) or the ‘L’ Licence at Road Transport Department (JPJ) offices or eServices kiosks. This means that the learner is allowed to drive a car that has an ‘L’ plate from the driving school for learning purposes under the guidance of an instructor.  

You will need the documents below to apply: 

  • Original or copy of Identification Card if applied through representatives 
  • Original Identification Card of representatives 
  • Colour photo 

The LDL costs RM30 for a validity period of three months and RM60 for six months. You could take the longer validity option if you foresee yourself needing more time to complete the practical lessons.     

Depending on the license that you are applying for, you will learn to drive a manual car for Class D and be taught to change gears with a clutch. On the other hand, if you are applying for a Class DA licence, you will learn to drive an automatic transmission vehicle, which is not only more prevalent these days but also easier for a beginner to grasp.  

Typically, driving schools may require you to complete around 16 to 22 hours of lessons in total in the car type of your choice. This includes circuit training and on-road lessons. Some of the lessons will focus on teaching students to drive on a slope, conduct a three-point turn, parallel park, reverse park, and drive on the public road.   

Take The Practical Tests 

Once you have completed the practical training, you can take a Qualifying Test (QTI) which is around 30 minutes long with the driving school to gauge whether you’re ready to take the test with JPJ. If you’re deemed to be ready, (i.e. pass the test), you can proceed to book the practical test with JPJ. 

There are two parts to the practical tests: (1) Driving Circuit Practical Training (KPP02) that happens in the school’s circuit course, where you will be tested on your driving skills like stopping and moving off on a slope and parking within the lot and (2) On The Road Practical Training (KPP03) on a public road, where you will be tested on your ability to interact safely with other road users and how you comply with traffic rules and regulations. 

Obtain The Provisional Driving Licence 

Once you pass the practical tests, you can apply for a Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) at any JPJ offices or eServices kiosks. In the event that you fail, you could choose to resit the test after one week, subject to the availability of slots. 

The PDL is a temporary license given to new drivers who will be put on two-years provisional period. During this period, drivers will need to place a ‘P’ sticker on their car to indicate that they have just received their PDL.   

Within the two years of holding a PDL, you must not commit driving offences that could lead to a total of 20 KEJARA demerit points. Otherwise, your licence will be revoked. 

After driving two years with a PDL without committing offences that amount to more than 20 KEJARA demerit points, you can get a full and valid Competent Driving Licence (CDL), whereby you no longer have to place a ‘P’ sticker on your car. 

You will need these documents to apply: 

  • Original or copy of Identification Card if applied through representatives 
  • Original Identification Card of representatives 
  • Colour photo 

The PDL costs RM60. 

Costs Of Getting A Driving Licence 

Driving schools in Malaysia offer comprehensive packages that include the theoretical course, practical training, test arrangements, and registration fees. 

For those living in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, you can check out the driving institutes listed on JPJ’s website below. Metro Driving Academy offers a RM2,500 Class DA package that offers three attempts for the theoretical test and unlimited practical retests with JPJ, including personal accident coverage of RM20,000.  

Meanwhile, Telatin Mewah offers standard driving courses at the price of RM1,280 for both Class D and DA licences. 

Driving Schools  Driving Licence  Price (RM) 
Metro Driving Academy Sdn Bhd  Class D   – 
Class DA  2,500 
Surfine Hitech Sdn Bhd 
(Prices do not include service charge, computerised test, licence card and transportation charges.)
Class D  1,590 
Class DA  1,643  
Telatin Mewah Sdn Bhd  Class D  1,280 
Class DA  1,280 

*Schools that did not provide the pricings of their courses were omitted. 

Renew Your Driving Licence 

Now that you’ve managed to obtain a driving licence, you may also want to know more about renewing your licence. You can renew your licence for up to ten years digitally through JPJ’s mySIKAP portal or at the following physical locations: 

  • JPJ state or branch offices 
  • Urban Transformation Centre (UTC)  
  • 1JPJ counter 
  • eServices kiosk 
  • Pos Malaysia offices 

The renewal fee for your car licence is RM30 for each renewed year. So, if you’re renewing your licence for five years, your renewal fee would be RM150 in total.  

If you are renewing your licence for ten years in one go, you will receive a 10% discount, which means you only pay RM270 rather than RM300. Do note that your existing licence must not have expired for more than a year should you wish to renew your licence for ten years. 

If you fail to renew your licence within three years after expiration, you will need to retake the driving tests. 

Cost And Duration Of Completing Your Driving Course 

The costs of driving courses vary depending on what’s included in the total package. If you require extra services such as meals or pick up and drop off, you may incur more charges. Metro Driving Academy offers a RM2,500 package that provides a Proton Iriz as the practice vehicle, food and drinks, while Telatin Mewah offers a driving course priced at RM1,280 for Class DA learners. 

Typically, the overall duration of completing an entire driving course can take around two to four months. 

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