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Why Malaysia Movie Buffs Will Love The New Hong Leong GSC Mastercard Credit Card

Is this the ultimate movie credit card in Malaysia?


It’s summertime again and the cinema halls are abuzz with excitement for the new movie releases. If you are a movie buff, forking out regular sums to catch your favourite movies might be really pinching the pockets.

In 2009, Hong Leong launched the HL GSC Visa Platinum and Gold cards in partnership with Golden Screen Cinemas – both proved to be highly popular credit cards among movie lovers in Malaysia.

Last month, things are getting even better, with the original cards’ features and benefits being revamped and improved in conjunction with the launch of the new Hong Leong GSC Mastercard Gold and Platinum credit cards.

Here’s why movie lovers in Malaysia can consider keeping a slot in their wallets for one of the Hong Leong GSC credit cards.

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Watch More, Pay Less

The previous card entitled the cardholder up to a 10% discount for movie ticket purchases. Now, it boasts RM 6 OFF for EVERY and ANY type of movie ticket when you purchase it online only on the GSC website and GSC mobile app but subjected to a booking fee of RM0.50 per movie ticket. Imagine paying approximately RM 24 for major blockbusters and saving a fraction of that cost each time you visit the cinema. Subsequently, if you buy the tickets in person, you will save RM 1 for every ticket.

The offer is not applicable to Wednesday movie tickets or any discounted movie tickets.

Watch Any Movie, Any Day, Any Time, Any Hall & Save

Unlike other credit or debit cards which have certain timeframes or conditions to fully utilize the benefits of the deal, you can use this card to buy ANY movie tickets at ANY time of the day even after dinner shows. And the best part is you can watch it at any GSC cinemas and halls including Signature halls and Dolby Atmos theatres. On top of it all, you can enjoy GSC Midvalley’s giant Onyx Hall, the country’s first cinema LED screen which brings the cinema experience to a whole new level with plush eco-leather seats to boot!

Eat More & Pay Way Less

What’s watching a movie without munching on some good ol’ popcorn and soda? But somehow it always sums up to be almost as expensive as a movie ticket! While the previous card only entitled a 10% discount on refreshment for the first 3 months and 5% discount subsequently, this card offers a whopping 30% OFF snacks and drinks when you book and pay online and 10% OFF at the cinema concession stands. In addition, you can enjoy 20% discount for dine-in at all GSC food and beverage outlets. This definitely is an upgrade from the 15% discount for dine-in on the previous card.

Bring 17 People With You For A Movie Marathon

Have you brought your entire extended family to the cinema and had to pay a ming boggling RM 400? Now, you can bring your family and friends for a movie day without worrying about the bill. You are allowed to purchase up to 18 tickets with maximum 3 transactions a day per card. How’s that for a real family outing saver!

Extra Rewards & Free Movie Tickets for New Cardholders

With this card, you can earn 3X the reward points on overseas spend, e-commerce and for all spend at GSC. You can redeem movie tickets for 3D movies, 4DX, Twin Seats, D-Box, MAXX, Premium Leather Seats, and snacks and drinks at all GSC cinemas, including Signature halls. Earlier, the redemption was only 1 Reward point for every RM 1 retail spend and the redemptions on the former rewards were not available.

If you are a new Hong Leong credit card applicant, Platinum and Gold Principal Cardholders will be entitled to 10 FREE movie tickets and 5 FREE movie tickets respectively. Previous cardholders before the new launch were entitled to RM 100 and RM 60 bonus value for Platinum and Gold cardholders with additional 1 complimentary ticket and small popcorn combo set and others.

Read The Fine Print

Besides all the wondrous features and benefits of this card, however there are annual charges linked to it. For GSC Platinum and Gold principal cardholders, the annual fees are RM 300 and RM 150 respectively. Subsequently, supplementary cardholders will be charged RM 150 and RM 75 respectively. Another thing to note is the minimum credit limit which is RM 12,000 and RM 2,000 for Platinum and Gold cardholders respectively.

If you’re interested, check out the Hong Leong Bank website for more information and to register for one.

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