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3 Popular Lifestyle Brands That Are Cheaper In Singapore Compared To Malaysia

If you’re headed for Singapore, do check out these brands.


In October 2023, the Singapore Dollar hits a record high against the Malaysian Ringgit at S$1 to RM3.50. This has perhaps prompted residents in Singapore to take advantage of the currency exchange rate and travel cross the border into Malaysia to shop for goods. 

However, even with the higher Singapore Dollar against the Malaysian Ringgit, there are some things that are still cheaper to buy in Singapore compared to Malaysia.  

This can be because the price of a product is usually determined by the costs involved, from making the product to putting it on the shelf. There are also overseas goods that are imported to Singapore first before they are sent to neighbouring countries like Malaysia. 

Additionally, the costs of making a product can be lower in certain places, leading to a cheaper price tag for the same product.  


#1 Charles And Keith (And Its Sister Brand Pedro)     

Originating from Singapore, this fashion brand was founded by its namesakes Charles and Keith Wong who used to tend their parents’ shoe store in the suburbs of Ang Mo Kio. The brothers would go on to open their very own first Charles and Keith shoe store in Amara Shopping Centre and grow it to become the conglomerate it is today. 

The group currently operates more than 700 physical stores across the world with locations in Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong SAR, and Mexico City. 

Today, you will find shoes, bags, sunglasses, and accessories in the Charles and Keith stores. The group also expanded under the similarly popular brand Pedro. 

Women’s shoes at Charles and Keith are generally cheaper in Singapore compared to Malaysia. The Metallic Slant-Heel Ankle-Strap Sandals is priced at RM259.90 in Malaysia. Meanwhile, the same ankle-strap sandals in Singapore retails for S$69.90 or RM244.65, which is cheaper by RM15.25. 

The Glittered Push-Lock Chain-Handle Bag costs RM279.90 if you buy it at a store in Malaysia. But if you visit the Charles and Keith store in Singapore, the bag will cost S$75.90 or RM265.65, which will save you RM14.25.  

Similarly, this applies to the Pedro line of products. The Mesh Slide Sandals for men at Pedro Malaysia comes with a price of RM299 while the same sandals costs S$69.90. With conversion of the currency, you need to pay RM244.65 for the sandals in Singapore, which is RM54.35 lesser.    

The Embossed Automatic Belt by Pedro costs RM279 in Malaysia and S$75.90 in Singapore. You will pay RM265.65 for the same belt in a Singapore store and RM13.35 lesser.  

#2 Crocs 

Another shoe brand that is generally cheaper to buy in Singapore is Crocs. Crocs is an American footwear brand that has a presence across the globe.  

Crocs shoes are known for their fun unconventional boat shoe design that are meant to be comfortable for wearing while making a fashion statement. The shoes are made with a proprietary resin material that makes the shoes feel soft and lightweight. 

Not only selling the iconic Crocs clogs, shoppers can also find various sandals, flats, wedges, sneakers, and charms for accessorising the shoes with. 

Crocs’ Mellow Recovery Clog for women is selling for RM389 in Malaysia stores. The same clogs cost S$79.95 in Singapore, which means you need to pay RM279.83. This helps you save a whopping RM109.17. 

Another instance is the Echo Clog for men that is priced at RM429 in Malaysia. The Echo Clog in Singapore costs S$99.95 so you need to pay RM349.83 for the shoes. This means you get to save RM79.17 buying the Echo Clog in Singapore.  

#3 Dyson 

Dyson is a popular brand known for its revamp of technology used in traditional products such as vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, and fans. The founder Sir James Dyson first launched the company’s vacuum cleaners in the United Kingdom. The vacuum cleaners utilise a smaller and more power-packed motor which gives them a powerful suction.  

Aside from the technologies, the brand’s products are noted for its sleek aesthetics such as the bagless vacuum cleaners and bladeless fans, making them coveted appliances for the home.  

Dyson products are relatively on the higher end with a new edition vacuum cleaner that comes with a wet roll for washing the floor costing RM4,899 (S$1,399 in Singapore).   

Dyson’s global headquarters is located at the St James Power Station, Singapore where the company’s research and engineering teams are based at. The massive headquarters measuring 110,000 square feet also becomes a focal point of the manufacturing of Dyson products. 

Perhaps this is why some Dyson products are cheaper in Singapore compared to Malaysia, specifically the vacuums and air purifiers.  

For instance, the Dyson Purifier Cool air purifier TP07 in white/silver has a price tag of RM3,199 in Malaysia. The same Dyson air purifier costs S$909 at normal price in Singapore, which is equivalent to RM3,181.50.   

This goes for the air purifiers as well. The Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde in bright nickel or Prussian blue sells for RM4,799. In Singapore, the same air purifier costs S$1,299 or RM4,546.50. This adds up to a discount of around 5.26% or RM252.50 (S$72.14).  

Featured Image Credit: Charles and Keith    


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