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Price Guide To Mooncakes In Malaysia For The Mid-Autumn Festival

Tai Thong’s tiffin set of four flavours makes a sweet gift at RM98.


In the Chinese community, there are a few significant yearly festivals that are celebrated worldwide. One of these festivals is the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival that falls on 29 September 2023 this year. In Chinese calendar, that is the 15th of the eighth month where it’s likely that we will get to observe a full moon.  

In the olden days, people celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival as the end of autumn’s harvest season. Today, as a full moon signifies reunion, families and friends will gather round to enjoy some mooncake with tea while admiring the celestial skies, an event we call “shangyue” or admiration of the moon.   

So, it goes without saying that an essential component of this festival is none other than the delectably sweet mooncake. Many people will buy mooncakes and gift them to close ones during the Mid-Autumn Festival.  

We explore some popular mooncakes in Malaysia and the prices.   

Tai Thong Mooncake  


Tai Thong is one of the biggest household names that specialises in mooncakes in Malaysia. The brand has been around for decades since 1985 so if you want an authentic taste of the past from the legacy of the late Chef Yiu Wing Keung, you can consider Tai Thong.  

Baked Mooncakes   

4-in-1 Combos:

  • White Lotus, Pure Lotus, Red Bean and Assorted Fruits & Nuts (No egg yolk) – RM82.90 
  • Green Tea with Red Bean, Pandan Single Yolk, Pure Red Bean and White Lotus Single Yolk – RM85.20  
  • Assorted Fruits & Nuts, Jade Custard, Lotus Double Yolk and Lotus Single Yolk – RM92.90 
  • Lotus Single Yolk, Jasmine Custard, Jade Custard and Shanghai Yam Single Yolk – RM90.70

Tiffin Set: 

  • Assorted Fruits & Nuts, Gui Hua Qi Zi & Longan, Lotus Double Yolk and Jasmine Custard – RM98 


  • Lotus Four Yolk, Assorted Fruits & Nuts, Gui Hua Qi Zi & Longan, Red Dates Ginger Tea, Longan Single Yolk, Pandan Single Yolk, Lotus Single Yolk, Red Dates Longan and Pure Red Bean – RM180 

Snow Skin Mooncakes 

4-in-1 Combos: 

  • Snow Skin Lotus Single Yolk, Snow Skin Lotus, Snow Skin Red Bean and Snow Skin Durian Coulis – RM84.50 
  • Snow Skin Yam Single Yolk, Snow Skin Blueberry Honey Lemon, Snow Skin Cendol With White Coconut and Snow Skin Lotus – RM89.80 

6-in-1 Snow Skin Musang King – RM138.80 

There is currently a sale at Tai Thong on most of the mooncakes. Customers stand to enjoy 20% and 15% off the 4-1in-1 baked mooncake and snow skin mooncake combos respectively. 

The Tiffin and Box sets are on a 10% and 8% discount respectively.  

Delivery: You can order on Tai Thong’s website. Customers stand to enjoy a RM10 discount for every RM200 spent. Alternatively, you can order Tai Thong mooncakes on Lazada. Delivery fees differ according to locations. Standard delivery fees within Kuala Lumpur cost RM4.90. 

Kam Lun Tai  


Although the Mid-Autumn Festival is a tradition celebrated mainly by the Chinese community, it’s common for Malaysians to share and experience cultures of different races.   

With over 50 years of expertise in food manufacturing field, Kam Lun Tai is known for its traditional mooncakes. Now, people of all races can try out Kam Lun Tai’s halal mooncakes.  

Baked Mooncakes 

Four-piece box: 

  • Lotus Paste Mooncake Box – RM84 
  • Lotus One Yolk Mooncake Box – RM92 
  • Lotus Two Yolks Mooncake Box – RM 96 
  • No Cane Sugar Added White Lotus Mooncake Box – RM96 
  • No Cane Sugar Added White Lotus One Yolk Mooncake Box – RM100 
  • Golden Jade Mooncake Box – RM90 
  • Golden Jade One Yolk Mooncake Box – RM94 
  • Golden Jade Light One Yolk Mooncake Box – RM94   
  • Hong Kong White Lotus Mooncake Box – RM 92 
  • Hong Kong White Lotus One Yolk Mooncake Box- RM96 
  • Hong Kong White Lotus Two Yolks Mooncake Box – RM100 
  • Shanghai One Yolk Mooncake Box – RM96 
  • Durian Mooncake Box – RM88 
  • Durian Pearl Mooncake Box – RM94 
  • Black Sesame Lotus One Yolk Mooncake Box – RM 94 
  • Black Sesame Charcoal One Yolk Mooncake Box – RM94 
  • Red Bean Mooncake Box – RM68 
  • Sweet Purple Potato One Yolk Mooncake Box – RM94 

Snow Skin Mooncakes 

Four-piece box:  

  • Crystalline Lotus One Yolk Pandan Mooncake Box – RM92 
  • Crystalline Golden Jade One Yolk Pandan Mooncake Box – RM94 
  • Crystalline Durian Musang King Mooncake Box – RM38 
  • Crystalline Matcha Red Bean Mooncake Box – RM94 
  • Crystalline Mango Box – RM94 
  • Crystalline Honey Dew Mooncake Box – RM94 


  • Moon Palace Premium Gift Set (Lotus One Yolk, Black Sesame Bamboo Charcoal One Yolk, No Cane Sugar Added White Lotus One Yolk, Golden Jade Light One Yolk, Durian Mooncake) – RM188 

Delivery: Kam Lun Tai is currently available on Shopee and Lazada. Delivery fees vary depending on locations. Standard deliveries within Kuala Lumpur costs RM4.90.  

Yong Sheng 


A master in traditional Chinese pastries and pies, Yong Sheng has been serving Malaysians since 1952, having started out as a neighbourhood mom-and-pop shop in Muar, Johor.  

Instead of coming in a typical square box, Yong Sheng’s mooncakes come in a vertical tin box that resembles those used to store biscuits in the olden days. Yong Sheng’s mooncakes are halal as well with unique flavours like “Nyonya sambal”. 

Baked Mooncakes 

Tin (two pieces) 

  • White Lotus Paste Double Yolk Mooncake – RM52 
  • Jade Mooncake – RM50 
  • Mixed Nuts & Chicken Floss Mooncake – RM52 
  • Durian Mooncake – RM52 
  • Gula Melaka Mooncake – RM50 
  • Nyonya Sambal Mooncake – RM50 
  • Salted Egg Yolk Lava Mooncake – RM50 
  • Auspicious Yam Mooncake – RM50 
  • Green Tea Lemon Mooncake – RM50 
  • Pineapple Lava Mooncake – RM50 
  • Plum Lava Mooncake – RM50 
  • Chocolate Lava Mooncake – RM50 
  • Sunrise Horizon – RM52 

Tin (four pieces)  

  • Lotus Paste Mooncake – RM96 
  • White Lotus Paste Mooncake – RM96 
  • White Lotus Paste One Yolk Mooncake – RM100 
  • Pandan Lotus Paste Mooncake – RM96 
  • Mixed Fruits Nut Mooncake – RM104 
  • Orange Rose Red Bean Mooncake – RM96 
  • Ginkgo Black Sesame – RM100 

Delivery: You can order your mooncakes on Yong Sheng’s  website. Your orders will be processed within two business days and sent out within one to seven working days. 

Purple Cane 


Purple Cane has over 30 years of expertise in tea culture. If you’re a tea enthusiast, Purple Cane’s one-of-a-kind mooncakes infused with Chinese tea are a must-try. Some of the mooncakes are also made with unique ingredients that are beneficial to our health like dates, coconut and butterfly pea. 

Baked Mooncakes 

Two-piece box: 

  • Red Bean Paste with Dried Tangerine Peel And Double Yolk Puer Tea Mooncake – RM58.40 
  • Red Bean Paste Green Tea Mooncake and Bamboo Charcoal Lotus Paste Rose Tea Mooncake – RM53.80 

Three-piece box: 

  • Durian Green Tea Mooncake, Purple Potato Lotus Paste White Tea Mooncake and Red Bean Paste Green Tea Mooncake – RM129.60 
  • Red Bean Paste with Dried Tangerine Peel & Double Yolk Puer Tea Mooncake, Red Bean Paste Green Tea Mooncake and Red Bean Paste with Dried Tangerine Peel and Puer Tea Mooncake – RM172.40 

Six-piece box: 

  • Coconut & Sakura Flower Tea Mooncake, Durian Green Tea Mooncake, Dates & Walnut Black Tea Mooncake, Assorted Nuts Green Tea Mooncake, White Tea Purple Potato Lotus Paste Tea Mooncake and Red Bean Paste Green Tea Mooncake – RM101.30 

Eight-piece box: 

  • White Tea Purple Potato Lotus Paste Tea Mooncake, Nanyang Kaya Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Mooncake, Rose Tea Bamboo Charcoal Lotus Paste Tea Mooncake, Assorted Nuts Green Tea Mooncake, Durian Green Tea Mooncake, Dates Paste Green Tea Mooncake, Coconut & Sakura Flower Tea Mooncake and Red Bean Paste with Dried Tangerine Peel and Puer Tea Mooncake – RM156.40 

Many of Purple Cane’s mooncake sets are now on promotion with up to 49% discount. The two-piece and three-piece sets come with tea packs and box. All of the sets mentioned come with free lantern riddles and tea sachet for you to pair your dessert with. 

Delivery: You can order Purple Cane tea mooncakes on its website. In addition, they’re also available on Shopee and Lazada. Delivery fee for locations within Kuala Lumpur is RM6.30 on Shopee while priority delivery fee for locations within Kuala Lumpur is RM4.90 on Lazada.   

Tong Kee Bakery 


A popular confectionary known for its egg tarts and baked pastries that served as breakfast staples for many Malaysians, Tong Kee has a long history that goes back to 1935.  

You can get delicious mooncakes from Tong Kee now too in single pieces or a gift set of four. As Tong Kee is known for its freshly baked pastries, the mooncakes are probably much anticipated as well.     

Baked Mooncakes 

One piece 

  • Superb White Plain Lotus Paste – RM22 
  • Superb White With Single Yolk – RM24 
  • Superb White With Double Yolks – RM24.50 
  • Lotus Paste Yam – RM22 
  • Lotus Paste Yam With Single Yolk – RM24 
  • Plain Lotus Paste – RM21 
  • Lotus Paste With Single Yolk – RM23 
  • Lotus Paste With Double Yolks – RM24  
  • Assorted Fruits, Nuts & Ham – RM26.50 
  • Nuts Mixture – RM25  
  • Pure Red Bean Paste – RM17 
  • Shanghai Mooncake – RM23 
  • Golden Emerald (Pandan) – RM21 
  • Golden Emerald (Pandan) With Single Yolk – RM23 
  • Green Tea Flavoured – RM21 
  • Green Tea Flavoured With Single Yolk – RM23 
  • Black Sesame With Plain White Lotus Paste – RM23 
  • Golden Coconut Salted Egg With White Lotus Paste – RM23 

Gift Set 

  • Autumn Delight Mooncakes Gift Set – RM114 
  • One Superb White Plain Lotus Paste Mooncake 
  • One Superb White with Single Yolk Mooncake 
  • One Golden Emerald Pandan Mooncake 
  • One Mixed Nuts Mooncake 
  • Two Premium Teacups 
  • Two Da Hong Pao Tea Packs 

Delivery: Tong Kee Bakery offers same day delivery services for certain locations. It takes five to seven days to deliver outstation.  

Featured Image Credit: Tai Thong 


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