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Pos Laju, DHL, J&T Express, FedEx: Cost Of Delivery Services From Malaysia To Singapore

You can opt for express service for urgent deliveries.


Due to their shared historical and cultural past, as well as their proximity, migration between Singapore and Malaysia is common, with many families in both communities maintaining strong relational ties.  

Additionally, many Malaysians have moved across the border in search of better work opportunities and higher pay. One practical way for Malaysians to stay connected with family members working in Singapore is by arranging cross-border delivery of items to their addresses in Singapore.  

Things To Consider Before Delivering Items From Malaysia To Singapore 

You should first check if your item is considered as controlled goods or goods subject to restrictions by Competent Authorities (CAs) in Singapore. 

If your item falls under the categories of controlled goods or goods subject to restrictions, you will need to apply for import permits and authorisation from the CAs.  

In addition, goods including new or used items, online purchases and gifts that are delivered from Malaysia to Singapore by post or courier service are subject to Goods Service Tax (GST) and/or duty.  

It’s important to note that the fees charged by delivery service providers for handling your goods may include insurance, permit application fees and clearance fees, which may exceed the purchase price. As such, it’s advisable to check the costs of the delivery of your item with your provider to determine whether sending your item to Singapore is financially viable. 

Courier Companies That Deliver From Malaysia To Singapore 

Pos Laju 

Pos Laju is the national courier service in Malaysia, offering local and international delivery to over 200 countries.  

Pos Laju offers several types of services including express delivery and air mail for small and light items.   

Types Of Services  Rates (RM)  
Item = 0.1kg   Item = 2kg  Item = 8kg 
Air Mail
(Up to 10 days) 
International Air Parcel
(Up to 10 days) 
72.00  90.00  162.00 
Express Mail Service
(2-3 days) 
75.00  97.50  187.50 


Rates are inclusive of insurance coverage. 

If you’re looking to ship lightweight items up to 500g such as documents, Pos Laju may be a suitable option as it offers air mail at an affordable price. You can choose to mail your items in envelopes of sizes XS, S or M. 

Pos Laju also offers parcel deliveries for heavier items such as a TV, which weighs around 8kg, for a price of RM162. If your delivery is urgent, you can opt for express mail service at a more expensive fee of RM187.50. 

J&T Express Malaysia 

J&T Express was launched in Malaysia in 2017 and makes international deliveries to countries in the Southeast Asia region such as Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam. 

J&T Express offers document and parcel shipping from Malaysia to Singapore that takes around two to five days.  

Types Of Services  Rates (RM)  
Item = 0.1kg   Item = 2kg  Item = 8kg 
(2 to 5 days) 
30.00  54.00   
(2 to 5 days) 
38.90  62.90  158.90 


Prices are not inclusive of insurance coverage. You can opt for insurance for an added fee. 

FedEx Malaysia 

FedEx is a global courier service that offers customers in Malaysia international shipping to more than 220 countries and territories. 

There are several types of delivery services including priority and economy deliveries. 

The following estimated rates are calculated using FedEx’s calculator. 

Types Of Services  Rates (RM)  
Item = 0.1kg   Item = 2kg  Item = 8kg 
FedEx International Economy
(1 to 2 days) 
100.88  146.50  269.13 
FedEx International Priority
(1 to 2 days) 
102.99  149.45  274.91 


FedEx offers a relatively quick delivery time of one to two days to those who need their items to reach the destination quickly. 

DHL Malaysia  

DHL offers fast deliveries via DHL Express from Malaysia to over 220 countries and territories including for heavy shipments of up to 70kg. 

The following prices are calculated using DHL’s shipping rate calculator. DHL offers shipping of items of various sizes and shipping fees are cheaper if you prepare your shipment online instead of a drop off.  

Types Of Services  Rates (RM)  
Item = 0.1kg   Item = 2kg  Item = 8kg 
Drop off
(1 day +) 
90.00  246.00  338.00 
Prepare shipment online
(1 day +) 
97.13  199.69  314.69 


For those who need to deliver their items quickly and are willing to pay more, you may consider DHL as it has the fastest delivery time of around one day.  

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