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Kiss Haze Goodbye: 6 Purifiers From RM599 To Keep Your Home Well-Ventilated

Air quality in numerous places have dropped to unhealthy levels.


If you’ve been out recently, you might have noticed how buildings are shrouded in haze with a hint of smoky smell it makes one hard to see and breathe. It has been reported that air quality in numerous places has dropped to unhealthy levels.  

According to the Air Pollutant Index of Malaysia (APIMS) website, Alor Gajah in Malacca recorded unhealthy air quality with an API reading of 156 in the evening at the time of writing. Meanwhile, Batu Pahat in Johor also displayed a high API reading of 154 in the evening. 

Air quality is measured by how concentrated the haze may seem. The higher the API reading, the more polluted the air is.   


Unfortunately, this is not the first time Malaysians have experienced haze. During certain dry seasons, forest fires in neighbouring country Indonesia has caused thick layers of haze to form in the skies. 

Thanks to technology however, there are many air purifiers in the market some of which are quite affordable that can help provide cleaner air. We explore six air purifiers from the price of RM599. 

#1 Panasonic nanoe Air Purifier – RM599 


The Panasonic nanoe Air Purifier peruses the technology of nanoe which is a water particle measuring only five to 20 nanometres to stop bacteria, odour and allergens in their tracks. Panasonic, which is headquartered in Japan, has been in Malaysia for over 47 years.  

The Panasonic nanoe Air Purifier covers a space of 20 square metres and has a front suction that sucks in all the particles including floating dust from zero to 30 centimetres off the ground. 

Aside from capturing unhealthy particles, the air purifier also has benefits such as removing odours and maintaining skin and hair’s optimal conditions. The air purifier has rounded edges that are more suitable for environments with young children. 

You can buy the Pansonic nanoe Air Purifier at these outlets.   

#2 Phillips 800 Series Compact Air Purifier – RM768 


Phillips is probably one of the oldest household brands you can find in Malaysia, having originated from the Netherlands in 1981. 

The Dutch company offers various electrical products including air purifiers, coffee machines, air fryers, water drinking machines and clothing irons. 

The Phillips 800 Series Compact Air Purifier is just like what its name is, small and portable. Although it has a relatively more compact size, it is capable of purifying a space of 48 square metres. 

The air purifier has a double-layer filtration system – a pre-filter and a NanoProtect HEPA filter to catch 99.5% of fine particles including dust, pollen and bacteria. It is certified by the European Centre For Allergy Research Foundation and has won awards for its sleek design.  

The machine also comes with a display that shows you the air quality in your home at the moment. 

You can buy the Phillips air purifier at its retail stores . 

#3 Samsung Smart Air Purifier – RM999 


Having gotten its start in 1969, Samsung Electronics has grown from its homeland South Korea to become a global name today. 

The Samsung Smart Air Purifier has a triple-layer purifying system that consists of a washable pre-filter layer, followed by an Activated Carbon Deodorisation Filter and lastly a Dust Collecting Filter that catches hold of 99.97% of fine particles. 

Known for its smart technology, the Samsung Smart Air Purifier can be paired with an app that allows you to remotely switch on and off the machine, check the air quality and even set a timer for it. 

The air purifier dons a gold beige hue and unique design that exudes elegance, making it seem more like a decoration than just an electronic product. 

You can purchase the Samsung Smart Air Purifier on its website. 

#4 Sterra Mars True HEPA-13 Air Purifier – RM1,014 


Sterra is a water purifier and air purifier brand created by two Singaporeans in 2021, during the heights of the Covid pandemic where people are perhaps more concerned with having a virus-free environment. 

The Sterra Mars True HEPA-13 Air Purifier comes with a medical grade HEPA-13 filter that aims to get rid of 99.97% of unwanted pollutants in the air around you including smoke, bacteria and virus. On top of that, it also has an odour-eliminating function thanks to its Activated Carbon Layer. 

The Sterra air purifier takes the shape of a sleek vertical cylinder that is pleasing to the eyes and comes in a variation of white and grey colour. The air purifier also has a light that produces a cool blue beam when turned on. 

You can visit the Sterra branch in IOI Puchong Mall or browse online. 

#5 Daikin Air Purifier (MC40XVMM) – RM1,070 


Daikin Malaysia is a specialist in producing air-related products such as air purifier and air-conditioner. The brand was founded back in 1924 in Japan and employs latest technologies as well as a commitment to serve iconic of the Japanese. 

The Daikin Air Purifier (MC40XVMM) is equipped with an electrostatic HEPA filter whereby the filter fibres come with static charges that help trap 99.97% of fine particles and prevent clogging. The purifier is designed with suctions in three directions – each side and the bottom of the machine – to trap as much pollutants as possible with a coverage area of 333 sq ft.  

The air purifier is also able to discern large dust particles from smaller particles as well as odour with high sensitivity so it can act accordingly. 

This air purifier has a minimalistic vertical rectangle shape that suits any room designs and has won an award at the Malaysia Good Design Awards. It has also received certifications from Daikin United Kingdom and University of Malaya for its ability to reduce allergens and remove 99.98% of Covid viruses. 

You can purchase the Daikin Air Purifier at its outlet or online via Shopee and Lazada. 

#6 Blueair BLUE 3210 Air Purifier – RM1,199 


Since its inception two decades ago, Swedish brand Blueair has become internationally known as an air purifier specialist. The company only sells air purifier, filters and accessories. There are six categories of air purifiers from Blueair. 

The Blue line carries a more fun and lifestyle design. The Blueair BLUE 3210 Air Purifier comes with a petite design that you can carry from room to room. It is also very easy to use with only a single button and has an LED system that lights up when it’s time to change the filter – which is a breeze since it’s in a compact size. 

The air purifier will automatically adjust its fan speed according to the condition of your environment and doesn’t require any tuning. 

This Blueair air purifier is meant for smaller spaces, clearing up 99% of dust, pollen and mold with an area reach of 17 square metres. It also has a three-layer filtration system with a fabric pre-filter and a combination of Particle and Carbon filter. 

You will also have more flexibility when it comes to the design of the air purifier as it has five pre-filter fabric colours that reflects the Scandinavian peaceful and relaxing nature. 

You can purchase the Blueair Blue 3210 Air Purifier at stores. 

Featured Image Credit: Panasonic Malaysia 


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