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Guide To Iskandar Malaysia: Johor’s Economic Zone Complete With Global Connectivity And Amenities 

Iskandar Malaysia is dubbed the ‘Malaysia Shenzhen’.


Iskandar Malaysia, situated on the southern corridors of the state of Johor, has become one of the most exciting township developments in Malaysia since its inception in 2006. The 2,300-sq km township sits on a prime location of being just minutes away from the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link, which makes traveling to neighbouring country Singapore easy.  

Due to its strategic location, Iskandar Malaysia, which is three times the size of Singapore has attracted many foreign companies who want to tap into its vast lands and affordable operating costs to build manufacturing facilities and offices in the township.  

As of September 2022, Iskandar Malaysia has accumulated foreign investments of RM375.70 billion with future plans to set up a specialised financial zone that will bring even more job opportunities to the locals. 

On the lifestyle front, the township offers various amenities of global standards including an education hub consisting of international schools, private healthcare service, shopping and entertainment destinations such as the Johor Premium Outlet as well as Legoland Malaysia. 

A Brief Introduction Of Iskandar Malaysia


Iskandar Malaysia was initially identified as one of the five key areas for development to spur economic activities in the country under the Ninth Malaysia Plan (2006 – 2010). The government aims to transform Iskandar Malaysia into “a strong and sustainable metropolis of international standing” by the year 2025.  

The township is divided into five flagship development zones that comprise of Johor Bahru City Centre, Iskandar Puteri, Western Gate Development, Eastern Gate Development and Senai-Skudai. 

In 2019, it was announced that there are plans for expansion for Iskandar Malaysia to cover areas including Kluang, Kota Tinggi, Pontian, Simpang Renggam, Renggam, Pengarang and Desaru that will reach a total size of 4,749 sq km – around double of its current size. 

Iskandar Malaysia – A Booming Economic Hub

Iskandar Malaysia has become one of the biggest economic hubs in the country so much so it’s dubbed the ‘Malaysia Shenzhen’. It is vastly connected through three seaports and the Senai International Airport which means traveling overseas is a breeze.  

Iskandar Malaysia focuses on three categories of economic sectors which are the halal economy, green economy and emerging technologies. 

Halal economy  Green economy 


Emerging technologies 


Electrical and electronics  Logistics 




Petrochem and oleochem 


Financial and business services 




Food and agro-processing 







Manufacturing contributes highest to total foreign investments at 90.8% followed by logistics at 20.0% and tourism at 9.1%. Plus, Iskandar Malaysia has recorded a cumulative gross domestic product of RM14.88 trillion and created more than 1 million jobs as of 2021. 

In the Budget 2023, the government has pledged to continue its efforts to pull in more foreign investors with continuous incentives and upskilling of locals. Currently, non-Malaysian investors, business personnels and professionals get fast-track immigration clearance and qualified knowledge workers enjoy a 15% tax rate scheme in Iskandar Malaysia. The government has also offered entrepreneurship and employment grants to businesses in Iskandar Malaysia. 

Iskandar Malaysia is supported by various smart city features including the Smart Integrated Mobility Management System (SIMMS) for traffic management, high speed 5G broadband network and more.  

The Rapid Transit System (RTS) which aims to be completed in December 2026 will be shuttling passengers between Woodlands North station in Sinagpore and Bukit Chagar station in Malaysia. The Iskandar Rapid Transit (IRT) is also in the pipeline and will connect residents to Iskandar Malaysia, Senai Airport, RTS, Larkin Sentral and Puteri Harbour. 

Pioneering A Low Carbon Hub

Iskandar Malaysia places emphasis on cultivating a sustainable ecosystem of eco-industrial parks and offices. Manufacturing facilities in Iskandar Malaysia has a green building concept which means they are built in a way that is environmentally-responsible throughout the building’s life-cycle.  

Iskandar Malaysia has made the A List by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2019, 2020 and 2022 for its efforts to reduce Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It has achieved 19.7% reduction of carbon intensity emission on its GHG in 2019 compared to 2010, and aims for 70% reduction of carbon intensity emission by 2030. 

The township development also encourages the use of renewable energy or energy efficiency methods to achieve a sustainable future. 

Calling Iskandar Malaysia Home

Iskandar Puteri is one of the more prominent zones in Iskandar Malaysia being the focal point of major developments. It has recorded the  second highest transactions in the state for residential properties last year at 1,197, trailing behind only Johor Bahru, the capital city of Johor, at 1,205.

Properties in Iskandar Puteri range from landed terrace houses, bungalows to condominiums and apartments. The median price for properties in Iskandar Puteri is RM550,000 or RM410 per square feet. Some of the more popular projects in Iskandar Puteri include landed properties in Taman Bukit Indah, Horizon Hills and Nusa Sentral.

Bukit Indah is known for its natural attractions which include a 20-acre park and several gardens. The average price range for properties in Taman Bukit Indah is around RM 479 per sq ft. The main attraction in Horizon Hills is none other than its impressive private 18-hole par 72 designer golf course with properties being priced at RM460 per sq ft. Meanwhile, Nusa Sentral has precincts that are themed after the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Properties in Nusa Sentral are priced at RM442 per sq ft.

Iskandar Puteri is located only 18km from the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link or the Tuas Second Link and has appealed to homebuyers especially those who make daily trips between Malaysia and Singapore for work. Iskandar Malaysia is also connected to Johor Bahru through Iskandar Coastal Highway and Pasir Gudang Highway.  The zone is also served by the Senai International Airport which is around 25 minutes away. 

Education And Lifestyle Amenities

Having won the Best Masterplan Award at the FIABCI Prix d’Excellence Awards 2012, Iskandar Puteri is a self-sufficient township with education institutions, healthcare services and shopping destinations within its vicinity. It is home to EduCity, a sprawling 305-acre education hub complete with accomodations for students and visiting family, athletic facilities and research centres.  

There are currently four international higher education institutions including the Newcastle University of Medicine Malaysia and University of Reading Malaysia as well as three international schools such as the Marlborough College Malaysia and IDRISSI School. 

Residents of Iskandar Puteri can also access private healthcare services at the Columbia Asia Hospital and The Gleneagles Medini. For leisure activities, there are aplenty shopping and entertainment outlets in the township including Legoland Malaysia, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour and Mall of Medini.  

Iskandar Puteri residents can also enjoy a brief respite from the hustle and bustle at nature attractions including the Horizon Hills Golf and Country Club, Heritage Forest as well as the biggest park in the country, Sireh Park, which spans 343 acres.  

The government is continuing its efforts in enhancing Iskandar Malaysia as an investment destination. There are plans to expand Iskandar Malaysia involving smaller towns like Simpang Renggam to bring in more economic growth. The completion of transport services, IRT and RTS are definitely much anticipated to boost connectivity and in turn, property demand as well as investments.  


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