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Choosing A Career Path? Here Are 7 High-Paying Jobs That Young Malaysians Can Consider Pursuing

Planning your career? Here’s an idea of what kind of jobs and industries you might want to consider.


Young Malaysians looking for jobs know how stressful things can be. The job market is tough, and those who are fortunate enough to get an interview face the reality of employers preferring to hire people with experience but yet aren’t willing to pay more than RM2,500.

Young jobseekers would have to either settle for a wage that is barely enough to survive and still save for the future, or pass on the job offer and keep looking.

However, the truth is, good-paying jobs are out there in the job market, and they are available to those with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude.

We’ve compiled this salary list based on data from leading recruitment firm Michael Page and JobStreet, one of the largest online portals for jobs, to give young Malaysians considering what kind of degree to take and to help those considering upgrading themselves in preparation of a career switch.

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# 1 Building And Construction Engineer – From RM5,500 monthly

If you are looking for a job that pays a lot from the get go, then working in the construction engineering might be perfect for you, especially if you are working on mega infrastructure projects like Kelantan and Terengganu.

Working as an engineer requires plenty of hard work and dedication, so you should definitely have a passion for solving problems through engineering and not be afraid to get your hands dirty.

# 2 IT Developer – From RM4,600 monthly

With widespread use of technology in all areas of human activity, from media to medicine, transportation to teaching, there is a huge demand for system, app and web developers.

In some new fields such as artificial intelligence, Big Data and cybersecurity, there aren’t enough IT developers to go around – which is great news if you’re a developer.

If this is a field you’re interested to enter, there are a lot of colleges and universities offering IT programs. If you’re looking to study part-time, there are also online platforms like Udemy that offer a range of technology-related courses.

# 3 Hospitality and Tourism Business Consultant – From RM 5,100 monthly

Hospitality management is a niche field, but if you have the right qualifications, you are pretty much set after your graduation, especially if you are working in tourist or business hubs like Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

For education, MSU in Shah Alam is a well-known Malaysian university that offers hospitality management. However, you should remember that the hospitality and tourism industry in Malaysia is highly-competitive and because it pays a good amount of money, getting the job won’t be as easy.

# 4 Banking and Finance Executive – From RM 6,500/monthly

It comes to no surprise that the banking and financial industry pays quite well. Although you may need to slog it out for a while in entry-level roles, once you get promoted to the junior executive level and start to make real contributions, you’ll start making a nice living for yourself.

While the demand for quality graduates to work in the banking and finance sector is always there, you’re expected to put in long hours and hard work. Those seeking a comfortable 9-to-5 need not apply.

# 5 Executive In The Oil And Gas Sector – RM 48,000 to 336,000 per annum

Everyone knows that the oil and gas is an industry that generates billions of ringgit a year, and they certainly treat their employees well. Entry level executives can make around RM4,000 a month, while more senior executives can make up to RM28,000 a month.

University Teknologi Petronas is a pioneer in higher education for the oil and gas industry, with most graduates gaining direct employment in the industry after graduation.

The only downside to this job is that depending on your posting, you might need be away from home at a plantation for an extended period of time. But hey, that could be a good way to save a large chunk of your salary.

# 6 Sales Managing Director – RM 510,000 to RM 530,000 per annum

Sales is not a fun vocation unless you have a love for it as well as the stomach to handle rejections and failure.

But if you do make it to the top, you could make up to half a million ringgit a year, especially if you’re doing sales in high-margin industries such as IT and communications.

While you stand to make a lot, when business turns bad, salespeople are also among the first to be let go. So you might want to hang on to those juicy commissions and not overspend.

# 7 Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – From RM420,000 per annum

As the public face and leader of a company, CEOs are one of the most important people in a company, and you’d imagine that they earn the most. Turns out, CFOs can earn as much as, or sometimes even more than CEOs.

What does a CFO do exactly? Well, CFOs have wide-ranging responsibilities that include optimising a company’s financial resources and ensuring the company is in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

The CFO position is the dream job of many who begin the careers by studying Accounting.

Good Opportunities Are Out There

Now that you have an idea of some of the high-paying jobs in Malaysia, it is timely to start taking the steps to land the job of your choice, such as by enrolling for the right courses.

That being said, money is just one factor for a happy and fulfilling career. Be sure to consider if you’ll be a right fit for the sector and job role. All the best!

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