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7 Best Ways To Spend Your Duit Raya

Don’t spend it all.


With the raya festivities coming to an end, most of you would have had a good time back in your respective hometowns visiting your friends and relatives.

Besides coming back to the city with a tummy full of yummy raya goodies, most of you would also have collected quite a considerable amount in the form of duit raya.

Knowing that you might have trouble deciding on a good way to spend your blessings, here are a few suggestions that you might fancy.

#1 Buy Your Parents A Meal

As easy and basic this might sound, most adults don’t do this enough. Working adults often find it difficult to set aside a good amount of time to take our parents out for a meal. Perhaps it is time for us to give some of our blessings back to our parents who have been looking out for us all these years. Not to mention the duit raya that they have so generously blessed us with over the years.

Taking them out on a good meal would be a good way to repay them for their love and kindness over the years. Perhaps, what is more valuable than the meal itself is the quality time that you will be spending with them.

Consider taking some time off for your parents. Try to spend as much time with them as possible while you still can.

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#2 Randomly Bless A Friend Or A Stranger

The spirit of raya is all about giving and forgiving.

Just as we have been blessed by our loved ones with duit raya, we could also pass on those blessings by blessing a friend or a stranger. The more we help others and pass on our blessings, the better the world will become.

#3 Donate To A Cause You Believe In

If you have a cause that you deeply believe in, you could also pass on your blessings by donating your duit raya to a cause that you are personally passionate about.

#4 Invest In A Good Book

If you are one that enjoys a good read, go ahead and invest in a good book. It could be a spiritual book, self-help book or even a book on personal finance. As long as it makes your day more fulfilling by reading it or if it teaches you something new, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

#5 Invest In A Good Course

In today’s day and age, it is important for us to keep improving ourselves and keep striving to be better. This is of course, while staying humble and being appreciative of what we have.

Besides investing in a good book, you could also participate in educational courses that will give you additional knowledge and skills.

#6 Invest In A Useful Conference

You could also consider using the duit raya you received to buy tickets to a useful conference. Conferences allow you to network and meet new people whom you can exchange valuable insights and learn from.

You never know, you might also make some new friends and partners there.

#7 Make Wise Investments

Of course, to continue growing your portfolio, you could also make wise investments with the duit raya that you have received. Hopefully, they will help you generate a handsome return from which you can live a better life and have more to bless others with when the next festive season comes along!

We hope these suggestions have helped you in deciding how you can spend your holiday blessings. Enjoy your spending and have a great year ahead!

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