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StashAway, Versa, KDI: Complete Guide To Cash Management Accounts In Malaysia

Save and earn interest with no lock-in period.


While investing can provide you higher returns, having access to cash is important – for both upcoming payments that you can plan for and emergency funds to tide you over unpredictable events. Today, in a higher interest rate environment, your liquid cash can also earn a decent interest return.    

Some of you may place your money in fixed deposit accounts. While you’re able to earn a decent interest return, your cash is locked-up, and trying to liquidate it before its tenure is up may give you poor or even no returns.    

A cash management account can come in handy, allowing your savings to potentially earn decent returns while giving you the flexibility of withdrawing your funds on short notice.  

Cash management funds typically invest in low-risk instruments such as money market funds. 

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#1 Versa Cash & Versa Cash-i 

Launched in 2021, Versa is a Malaysian digital platform that offers products including Shariah-compliant and conventional funds, thematic portfolios that invest in gold, REITS and cash management solutions. 

Versa offers two cash management solutions, Versa Cash account and a Shariah-compliant Versa Cash-i account. Both invest in low-risk instruments that allow you to earn attractive interest. 


Versa Cash had a 3.77% per annum net return for March 2024 while Versa Cash-i recorded a 3.33% per annum net return for March 2024.  

Minimum Initial Deposit 

You need to invest a minimum of RM10 to get started. 

Underlying Funds   

Versa Cash invests in Affin Hwang’s Enhanced Deposit Fund, which invests in short-term deposits in banks in Malaysia.  

Meanwhile, Versa Cash-i invests in Affin Hwang Aiiman Enhanced i-Profit Fund that invests in money market instruments. 


Versa Cash  

  • Expense ratio – 0.35% per annum 

Versa Cash-i 

  • Expense ratio – 0.32% per annum 

#2 KDI Save 

Robo-advisory platform Kenanga Digital Investing (KDI) was launched in 2022 by the well-established Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad.  

KDI allows users to save their money with KDI Save and KDI Invest. KDI Save is a cash management account that invests in Ringgit-based money market funds or fixed income instruments.  


KDI Save currently offers a promotional rate of up to 4% per annum. 

Minimum Initial Deposit 

You need to start investing at least RM100, with a minimum deposit of RM10 for following top-ups.  

Underlying Funds 

KDI Save invests in Ringgit-based money market and fixed income instruments of different maturities. 


There is no expense ratio for investing with KDI Save. 

#3 BoostMyMoney 

Boost, the fintech arm of local conglomerate Axiata, offers one of the most popular e-wallets in Malaysia that lets you pay at more than 200,000 merchants nationwide. In 2024, Boost also launched its digital investment platform BoostMyMoney. 

The new BoostMyMoney feature on the Boost app lets users invest in a Shariah-compliant cash management fund by UOB Asset Management Malaysia. Users can also earn points when investing with BoostMyMoney, which you can redeem on bills and purchases.   


BoostMyMoney has a projected net earning rate of 3.275% per annum. 

Minimum Initial Deposit 

The minimum deposit for BoostMyMoney is RM1. 

Underlying Funds 

Your money will be invested in the United Islamic Cash Management Fund by UOB Asset Management, which invests in Islamic money market instruments. 


  • Expense ratio – 0.5% annual management fee per annum and trustee fee of 0.04% (subject to a minimum of RM6,000 per annum)  

#4 StashAway Simple 

Popular robo-advisory platform StashAway was first made available in Malaysia in 2018. StashAway offers various investment portfolios including thematic portfolios and a USD Cash Yield portfolio that invests in US treasuries.   

In addition, it also offers cash management solution StashAway Simple that invests in Shariah-compliant money market funds. 


Stashaway Simple offers a projected return of 3.6% per annum. 

Minimum Initial Deposit 

There is no minimum deposit and balance required to invest with Stashaway. 

Underlying Funds  

Stashaway Simple invests 80% of your savings in the Principal Islamic Money Market Fund and the remaining 20% in Eastspring Investments Islamic Income Fund. 

The Principal Islamic Money Market Fund invests in Shariah-compliant money market instruments while Eastspring Investments Islamic Income Fund invests in Islamic money market funds and fixed deposits. 


  • Management fee – 0.15% per annum  
  • Expense ratio – 0.39% per annum 

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#5 FSMOne Cash Mangement Fund 

FSMOne is one of the more well-established online investment platforms that has been available in Malaysia since 2008. The platform allows users to invest in stocks, bonds, unit trusts and insurances. 

FSMOne also has a cash management fund (CMF) that lets you park your money in an account before you decide to make any investments and earn interest. You can withdraw your money from the fund at any time. The fund invests in Ringgit-based deposits and money market funds. 


FSMOne’s CMF has a projected return of 3.485% per annum. 

Minimum Initial Deposit 

You need to deposit a minimum of RM100 to get started and subsequent deposits need to be at least RM100 as well. 

Underlying Funds 

FSMOne’s CMF invests in the RHB Cash Management Fund 2, which invests in money market funds and Ringgit-based deposits. 


  • Expense ratio – < 0.40% per annum 

#6 TNG GO+ 

Touch ‘n Go (TNG) Group, which is known for providing TNG cards for toll payments, had launched TNG e-wallet services in 2017.  

TNG e-wallet users can upgrade to its investment account TNG GO+ and park their cash in the account to earn returns. 

The TNG GO+ invests in a Shariah-compliant money market funds.  


You could earn a projected return of around 3.4% per annum. 

Minimum Initial Deposit 

Start investing with a minimum deposit of RM10. 

Underlying Funds 

GO+ invests in Principal e-Cash Fund, which places your money in Islamic money market funds. 


  • Expense ratio – 0.48% 

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