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Guide To EPF i-Saraan Contribution For Gig Economy Workers

You can register for i-Saraan online and offline.


Jobs with flexible work arrangements, such as part-time or temporary jobs are becoming commonplace. An estimated 26% of the country’s labour force are employed in the gig economy jobs such as delivery riders and part-time servers. 

However, gig economy workers usually don’t have a fixed income and may not be required to contribute to the EPF, which could limit their retirement savings. 

The i-Saraan was introduced to incentive this group of workers to contribute each month to their Malaysia’s Employee Provident Fund (EPF) for their retirement needs. The EPF offers a guaranteed minimum 2.5% dividend per annum on their contributed savings.   

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What Is i-Saraan? 

EPF introduced i-Saraan (saraan translates to earnings), a voluntary contribution programme for self-employed individuals and gig economy workers in 2018. 

Self-employed individuals and gig economy workers can register to become EPF members and make voluntary contributions to their accounts through i-Saraan, enjoying dividends and saving for their retirement. 

While there’s no minimum amount on how much you can contribute via i-Saraan, there is an upper contribution limit of up to RM100,000 a year. 

Aside from growing your retirement savings, you can enjoy other benefits as an EPF member. 

You can also enjoy tax deductions of up to RM4,000 for the voluntary contributions that you make to EPF. You will also not be taxed for savings withdrawn from your EPF account.   

Additionally, as an EPF member, you will also be eligible for a one-time incapacitation benefit of RM5,000 and a death benefit of RM2,500 if you’re under 60 years old. 

Who Is Eligible To Contribute? 

You can register for i-Saraan if you meet the following conditions: 

  • Registered as an EPF member 
  • Malaysian Citizens 
  • Below 60 years of age 
  • Individuals who are self-employed with no fixed income 
  • Workers in the gig economy sector 
  • Members of the civil service in a pension service scheme 

How To Register And Contribute To i-Saraan? 

You can register for i-Saraan online through  KWSP i-Akaun app or on EPF’s official website.  

Otherwise, you can visit any EPF Self-Service Terminal (SST) or EPF’s branch office. You will need to bring along your identification card. 

After completion of registration, you can make contribution payments through the following methods: 

  • i-Akaun app – you can directly make electronic payment through the app 
  • Internet banking – online payment to i-Saraan is supported by Alliance Bank, Bank Islam, Bank Muamalat, Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), CIMB Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Kuwait Finance House, Maybank, MBSB, Public Bank, RHB Bank and Ambank 
  • Bank agent counters – you can make cash or cheque payments via BSN, Maybank, Public Bank and RHB Bank (only payments via debit transfer or debit card are accepted) 
  • Registered bank agent – you can make electronic or cash payment with Bank Simpanan Nasional 
  • EPF office – you can make a maximum of RM500 of cash payment/bank cheque/bank draft/money order/postal money at selected EPF counters. Meanwhile, payment through debit card is available at all EPF offices. 
  • EPF’s Mobile Team – you can make debit card payments through EPF’s Mobile Team, Mini Outreach Team 

It will take 3 working days for your contribution to be credited to your i-Saraan account for electronic payments and 7 working days for other channels. 

Do note that once you have contributed, you will not be given a refund of the contribution.  

Special Matching Incentive To i-Saraan Contributors  

As mentioned, Malaysian workers contribute to their EPF accounts every month for their retirement. At the same time, their employers are required to contribute to their employees’ accounts as well. 

For self-employed individuals and gig workers who make voluntary contributions through i-Saraan, they get a special incentive from the government. 

By contributing a minimum amount to i-Saraan, you get a special incentive from the government that amounts to 15% of your total contribution, capped at RM500 a year. 

For example, if your accumulated contributions equal to RM1,000, you will receive an incentive worth 15% of your contributions, which is RM150. 

To be eligible for the maximum incentive of RM500, you would need to contribute RM3,334. 

Do note that there is a lifetime special incentive limit of RM5,000 (accumulated) or reaching the age of 60 years old, whichever is earlier starting from the year 2024. 

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