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Fitness First, Chi Fitness, Babel Fit, KOA Fitness: Price Guide To Gym Memberships In Malaysia

Make exercising a a part of your daily routine.


Having good health is essential for us to achieve our life goals like forging a successful career, creating family bonding time and enjoying our interests. While there are many ways to keep fit, you could consider a gym membership to motivate you to stick to your exercise routines. 

These gyms can be designed for different types of physical activities, such as strength or endurance training and may be tailored to be equipped with machinery and facilities that supplement your exercises.  

Before going to a gym, you may want to check on its rules and regulations, such as the minimum age, gender-specific entry and other health requirements that need to be met.   

Here are 7 gym memberships in Malaysia that you can join. 

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#1 Fitness First 

Fitness First is a UK brand that first expanded to Malaysia in 2001 and is now one of the most well-known gyms in Malaysia. 

Features: As a member of Fitness First, you get to access classes like cycling, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and programmes partnered with New Zealand’s fitness hub Les Mils. Fitness First clubs offer facilities including lounge areas, a pool, lockers and towels. 

Memberships: There are two membership options at Fitness First, namely the Home Club plan and the higher-tiered Platinum plan with starting prices of RM255 and RM270 respectively.  

Plan  Monthly Fees  Membership Length  Club Access 
Home Club  From RM265  1, 4, or 12 months  Fitness First clubs  
Platinum  From RM280  1, 4, or 12 months  Fitness First + Celebrity Fitness clubs 

Locations: Fitness First gyms are located within shopping malls in the Klang Valley region including 1 Mont Kiara, Avenue K, Cheras Leisure Mall, Empire Subang, IOI Mall Puchong, Aeon Bukit Tinggi, Melawati Mall, Paradigm Mall, Setia City Mall, The Curve and The Gardens Mall.  

Great for: A Fitness First gym membership is suitable for those who want to access more gym facilities. Fitness First is a sister company of two other popular gyms, Celebrity Fitness and Chi Fitness in Malaysia, under the umbrella of Singapore’s Evolution Wellness Pte Ltd.  

Members of the Home Club Plan can access all 11 Fitness First gyms. Meanwhile, members of the Platinum plan can exercise at gym clubs under both Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness brands.   

#2 Chi Fitness 

Chi Fitness became part of Evolution Wellness Pte Ltd in 2018 along with Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness. 

Features: Chi Fitness offers over 60 classes that include routines that incorporate combat sports and dances such as Bhangra Jam and Zumba. You will also find facilities like lockers, water dispensers, changing rooms and showers at Chi Fitness. 


Plan  Monthly Fees   Club Access 
Home   RM150  Only 1 location  
Xplorer  RM170  All 7 locations 

Locations: Chi Fitness is available in two shopping malls in the Klang Valley region which are the Starling Mall and Sunway Velocity Mall. 

Great For: If you enjoy unique routines that incorporate moves from combat sports and dances, you can consider joining Chi Fitness. Chi Fitness plans also come with a more affordable price tag so they may be suitable for students or those who want to save some ringgits. 

#3 Babel Fit 

Babel Fit is a homegrown fitness club that aims to provide an experience beyond a standard gym. 

Features: Babel Fit’s gym designs are not typical of a regular gym and have more lifestyle elements that are similar to luxury co-working spaces. Some of Babel Fit’s notable facilities include an infinity pool and rooftop lounge at Menara Ken Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI). You can also access yoga classes and physiotherapy at Babel Fit.  


Plan  Duration  Fees   Benefits 
Silver (Access to TTDI only)  1-month Introductory  RM660 one-off purchase 

*Has a joining fee of RM350 

12-months Instalment  RM310 per month 
  • Transferable 
  • 300 Babel credit 
6-months Prepay  RM1,860 

up front 

  • Transferable 
  • RM200 Babel credit 
12-months Prepay  RM3,720 

up front 

  • Transferable 
  • RM1,500 Babel credit 

(Access to KLCC and TTDI) 

1-month Introductory 


RM710 one-off purchase 

*Has a joining fee of RM350 

12-months Instalment  RM360 per month 
  • Transferable 
  • 300 Babel credit 
6-months Prepay  RM 2,160 

up front 

  • Transferable 
  • RM200 Babel credit 
12-months Prepay  RM 4,320 

up front 

  • Transferable 
  • RM1,500 Babel credit 

Locations: Babel Fit is in two locations, which are KLCC and Menara Ken TTDI. 

Great For: If you prefer having a more luxurious space to work out in with access to outdoor workout space and an infinity pool, Babel Fit may be the gym for you. 

#4 Peak Fitness 

Originated from the UK, Peak Fitness entered the Malaysian market in 2013 with its first gym club in Kuala Lumpur. 

Features: Peak Fitness offers a variety of classes including water exercises and outdoor running. Peak Fitness clubs have basic facilities such as locker rooms, shower and sauna. 

Membership: Memberships are divided into day and monthly passes. Peak Fitness’ membership fees at Sogo KL, Citta Mall and Gurney Plaza in Penang are slightly cheaper than at G Tower. 

Location  Duration  Fees  Joining Fees 
Sogo KL, Citta Mall, Gurney Plaza (Penang)  1-Day Pass  RM45   
3-Day Pass  RM80   
7-Day Pass  RM105   
30-Day Pass  RM250   
3-Month Instalment  RM175 per month  RM99 joining fee 
6-Month Instalment  RM165 per month  RM99 joining fee 
12-Month Instalment  RM155 per month  RM99 joining fee 
12-Month Upfront (Peak Plus)  RM1,860  No joining fee 
18-Month Upfront (Peak Plus)  RM2,790  No joining fee 
G Tower  1-Day Pass  RM55   
3-Day Pass  RM100   
7-Day Pass  RM145   
30-Day Pass  RM300   
3-Month Instalment  RM215 per month  RM99 joining fee 
6-Month Instalment  RM205 per month  RM99 joining fee 
12-Month Instalment  RM195 per month  RM99 joining fee 
12-Month Upfront (Peak Black)  RM2,340   
18-Month Upfront (Peak Black)  RM3,510   

Locations: You can find Peak Fitness in three locations in the Klang Valley region, which are Sogo KL, Citta Mall and G Tower. There is also a Peak Fitness gym in Gurney Plaza, Penang. 

Great for: Peak Fitness offers short-term and long-term memberships including day, monthly and annual passes. If you require a more flexible membership arrangement, you can opt for Peak Fitness that has memberships for 7 days.  

#5 F45 Training 

Founded in Australia, F45 Training focuses on high-interval trainings.  

Features: The F45 training is suitable for gym enthusiasts of all fitness levels. The main workouts at F45 Training are cardio, resistance, hybrid and recovery. 

Memberships: Membership plans are different depending on the F45 location you choose. The following are the three types of memberships offered by F45 Training in KL Gateway: 

Location  Plan  Monthly Fees  Duration 
KL Gateway  Driven  RM415 per month  6 months 
Committed  RM440 per month  3 months 
Advantage  RM470 per month  1 month 
Damansara Heights  Drop-in  RM80  1 day 
Weekly  RM180   1 week 
Express  RM125 per week  1 week 
Transform  RM415 per month  6 months 
Desa Park  Drop-in  RM70  1 day 
Weekly  RM45  1 week 
Month to month (Unlimited)  RM450 per month  1 month 
6 months (Unlimited)  RM410 per month  6 months 
Annual (Unlimited)  RM388 per month  12 months 

Locations: F45 Training is located in 3 locations in the Klang Valley region, which are KL Gateway, Damansara Heights and Desa Park. 

Great for: If you want to focus on high-interval training, you can consider F45 Training.   

#6 KFitness 

KFitness is a homegrown gym that has an industrial warehouse design to it.   

Features: A notable feature of KFitness is that it offers personalised programmes for gymgoers with monthly passes. This way, you get to work on specific routines to help you achieve the results you want. 


Plan  Fees  Features 
24 months  RM2,880 (one off payment) 
  • No registration fee 
  • Free PT sessions 
  • Free 1 Diet Guide 
12+2 months  RM1,440 (one off payment)  Registration fee of RM150 
6 months  RM720 (one off payment)  Registration fee of RM150 
3 months  RM390 (one off payment)  Registration fee of RM150 
1 month  RM150 a month  Registration fee of RM150 
1 day   RM15 a day   

Location: KFitness is only available in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 

Great for: You can sign up with KFitness if you have a specific goal that requires a tailor-made routine. 

#7 KOA Fitness 

KOA Fitness is a women-only gym in Malaysia that was launched in 2017 to create a safe space for ladies to train. 

Features: KOA Fitness’s coaches are all women, offering holistic programmes that also touch on emotions and lifestyle. KOA Fitness also offers goal-centric personal training for women such as for their wedding day and post-partum training. 

Memberships: KOA Fitness offers these prices for small-group trainings. 

Plan  Fees 
1 class  RM88 (valid for 30 days) 
4 classes  RM280 (valid for 30 days) 
12 classes  RM720 (valid for 60 days) 
36 classes  RM1,980 (valid for 120 days) 
48 classes  RM2,400 (valid for 150 days) 
60 classes  RM2,700 (valid for 180 days and is shareable) 

Locations: You can find KOA Fitness at Gateway Corporate Suites in Mont Kiara, KL. 

Great for: Women gymgoers who want a more woman-focused programme can opt for KOA Fitness.       

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